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From its headquarter in Italy, it plans, creates, fabricates and appropriates fired tiles for four business brands: Emilceramica, Ergon, Provenza and Viva.

Emilgroup possesses creation plants in Italy with a limit of more than 9 million square meters each year. It delivers in excess of 6,500 things that are dispersed worldwide through deals workplaces and distribution centers situated in Italy, United States, Russia, Germany, India and Hong Kong.

Emilgroup has a coordinations association outfitted to react promptly to the necessities of the worldwide market; its gifted group has a market arranged methodology, it gives customized arrangements from plan to tiles establishment.

Creation and cycle development are key keys that guide ventures.

An inward R&D division works as a “imaginative studio” where thoughts and encounters are joined with the most recent advances. This speculative chemistry permits Emilgroup to make assortments that make some meaningful difference every single year.

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